Femi Amusan is a Media Consultant, event Coordinator and the producer of The Magazine Show on BEN TV for over 10 and still going strong. Amongst other projects, Femi is also responsible for the Ankara Festival and BEN TV Awards. Femi Amusan was presented with the Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to the UK Afrobeats Industry by Smade Events. Femi Amusan continues to support the UK Afrobeats Industry through his Magazine show on BEN TV and events. Femi Amusan has also won 2 BEFTA Awards, Personality award at Dublin Entertainment Awards and amongst other awards. Femi Amusan is a Media Studies Graduate from North West College. He continues to do his work and expanding himself through entertainment and media, living his dream and he is well celebrated in over 12 countries around the world.

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